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There is no motor wind on the TL120.  Film advance is accomplished with the thumb/rapid advance lever.  It is a little different from similar levers on 35mm cameras as about 8 1/2 strokes are required to advance to the next frame and there is no "auto stop".  The photographer should advance the film until the next odd number is visible in the "red" window (so the advance sequence is 1,3,5,7,9,11).   

The shutter is cocked during the first stroke of the advance lever.  Since this action also advances the film about 16mm there is no provision for making multiple exposures.

After you click the shutter on frame eleven, your film is exhausted and it is time to unload the camera. Use the film advance lever until the film has fully crossed the back of the camera.  This requires about 23 strokes of the lever.

You may then open the back of the camera and remove the take-up spool by pulling its retaining pin and lifting the loose spool. Tape the exposed roll of film closed and transfer the empty spool from the supply-side to the take-up side of the camera. The camera is now ready to load and shoot again.   Next

Even with no provisions for independently cocking the shutter, it is still possible to produce slide-bar hyper/hypo-stereos with the TL120.  The key is to use the right lens for both the left and right halves of the pair.

  • Install a cap on the left lens.
  • Compose and expose the right half of the image.
  • Advance the film to the next even number.
  • Compose and expose the left half of the image.
  • Advance the film to the next odd number.
  • The camera is now ready for its next image.

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