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3D World TL120-1

Image by 3D World.  Used with permission. (30451 bytes)

It is made by 3D World of Hangzhou China and is known as the TL120-1. The 120 obviously refers to its film format and I'm going to make a wild guess that TL is for Tri-Lens. When the camera shipped in 2006, I assumed that the "-1" would be incremented as the camera was adjusted and improved.  As of 2008, the camera has received many improvements and additional features but the "-1" has remained unchanged.  Maybe the "-2" and "-3" designations are being saved for entirely new camera designs.

The TL120's pertinent features are:

  • A featherweight 4.5 lbs (2 kg)
  • 120 film
  • red-window film advance
  • 6 stereo pairs per roll
  • shutter cock with film advance
  • 80mm f/2.8 lenses
  • distance markings in meters
  • focus from .8 meters to infinity
  • ten shutter speeds + bulb
  • shutter speeds of 1 - 1/500th
  • continuous aperture f/2.8 to f/22
  • focus and aperture each coupled by an idler gear
  • black in color
  • DOF markings on the lens barrel
  • lenses threaded for 46mm filters and hoods
  • ground-glass focusing screen
  • central micro-prism for focus assist
  • eye-level prism finder with spirit level
  • TTL metering with 3-LED indicators
  • film speed ISO 12-1600
  • flash hot-shoe
  • flash sync at 1/30th and slower
  • threaded for shutter cable release

The most recent cameras also feature

  • 45 degree prism with adjustable diopter
  • backlighting on the spirit level
  • one piece, removable lens hood
  • prism cover

Important notes are:

  • TL120 is still being developed and improved
  • The images presented here are actually of at least four different cameras.  Some images are from 3D World, some are of my camera, others were provided by other owners.
  • The images I've posted here may not represent 3D World's final version of the camera or the currently shipping version.


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