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Java Stereo Viewer

Many of these pages use a Java Stereoscope applet by
Andreas Petersik
. It made a Java convert out of me and I highly recommend it.

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"Pass Around" Viewing

Medium format stereo slides can be created with any medium format camera.  The Sputnik, Rolleidoscop and Heidoscope are dedicated stereo cameras that many use to create their images.  The Sputnik is easily available on e-bay for less than $200.  The others can cost $2,000 (when you can find them).

Stock viewer with plastic slide mountViewing those images is another matter.  There have been very few quality medium format viewers available.  If you didn't want to build your own viewer, there were two choices.  You could get the plastic King Inn or the wood Saturn viewer.  In 2004, however, this changed with the introduction of a new "steal the light" medium format slide viewer.

I have seen this viewer called the "2Q" viewer, Inovatv viewer, and the Uni-Colour viewer.  I have decided that it should be called the MFPV (medium format plastic viewer).  Here is my understanding of how it goes.  It is made by Uni-Colour, distributed by Inovatv and sold by 3DStereo, Dr-T and 3DConcepts.  It retails (in 2004) for $70 US.

The idea is that you will use this viewer with slides mounted in their plastic side-by-side mounts.  This strikes me as a crazy idea and many people have spent some time modifying their viewer to better allow it to be used with the more commonly used 80x132mm cardboard mounts.

After using the viewer a bit with my cardboard mounted 80x132 slides, here is how I feel its features fall out


  • It is lighter weight than my Saturn viewer
  • The curves feel nice in my hands
  • There is no focus for people to foul up
  • There is no interocular adjust to confuse people
  • The body sweeps forward to form slight light-blocking "wings" beside the lenses. 
  • It costs much less than a Saturn viewer kit
  • It can be disassembled


  • Its light weight feels cheap
  • There is no provision for focusing
  • There is no interocular adjustment
  • The lenses are small
  • There is no internal light source
  • The internal glare is very distracting

Update December, 2005:

The current (silver) version of the MFPV now has a very nice flat-black interior.  The internal glare is gone!

With the addition of an internal illuminator and the reduction of the internal reflections it would be a pretty decent "pass around" viewer.  It wouldn't have the lenses or flexibility of my Saturn viewer but it would be quite a bit less expensive and more robust.   My mission was to turn this cheap plastic viewer into one that would help me show my views to a wide audience.    Next

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