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Loading the TL120-1

Image by 3D World.  Used with permission. (18170 bytes) The wide back door on the TL120 is right hinged with a left-hand catch. Film is loaded on the left with the take-up spool on the right. (The picture on the right shows a recently unloaded camera.  To load film the empty spool currently on the left must be moved to the right side.) Very early version of the camera.

The Link to cross-eyed pair recessed  folding ring on the bottom of the camera lets you retract the pin holding the film-spools. Pulling and rotating the ring a quarter turn  holds the pin in the retracted position. This is a welcome improvement over both the Sputnik and Rolleidoscop.  

On the take-up side, the "ejection" spring can make it a little hard to get the backing paper tucked fully through the slot on the spool. If the slot of the take-up spool isn't positioned just right, the spring blocks the slot and there is nowhere for the paper to go.  Putting a slight counter-curl in the paper helps but advancing the take-up spool with your thumb until the slot is happily aligned seems to be the best bet.

With the paper in the spool, close the back, open the window and use the thumb lever to advance the film to frame number 1.  This requires about thirty strokes of the advance lever.

Link to cross-eyed pairSince the TL120-1 has an internal meter, the meter needs to know the speed of film.  There is no DX coding on 120 film so the film speed is set by hand in a window on the shutter-speed knob. At some point in  the loading process, lift and rotate the outer (black) ring of the shutter-speed knob until the desired film speed is visible in the window. The image to the left shows my camera after being set to ISO 100 film.  

With the loading done, the camera is now ready for shooting.   Next

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