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Camera Updates


Some of the images on these pages are of the camera I purchased in 2006.  Others are of the camera I purchased in December of 2007.

Improvements in the 2007 camera include:



  • Metering cell moved from the finder to the body
  • More robust battery cover
  • Longer spindle for the take-up spool
  • 1/60th flash synch speed


  • 45 degree rather than 90 degree
  • Diopter adjustment on the eyepiece
  • Rubber eye cup
  • Backlighting for the spirit level
  • Improved retention clip


  • One piece lens hood
  • Protective prism cover 

A significant difference is visible in the area of the focusing screen.

The electrically connected photo-cell in the prism is gone.  The photo-cell is now in the camera body and receives light from a bundle of fiber optic cables in the prism.  screen-2007.jpg (19678 bytes)The screen-2006.jpg (18275 bytes) fibers could be dispersed over the image area (providing center weighted metering) but I don't know if they are.

It is worth noting that while the meter's sensor is on the camera body, the meter readings will be meaningless if the 3D World prism finder is not installed.  Without the fibers in the prism providing the correct amount of light to the sensor from the image you are composing, the light the sensor will see will have no relevance to the image you are trying to make.  This means that while you can still install a Hasselblad finder on the TL120, the built-in meter will not function correctly.

The spirit level has been moved from the body to the prism and is well lit by a dedicated window.  This makes it much easier to see in the darkened viewfinder.

The meter LEDs are set a little farther to the side.

The indicated flash synch speed is now 1/60 second.

newbatterycover.jpg (17747 bytes)The battery cover provided on the 2006 camera was notable in its extremely flimsy construction.  The new battery cover is significantly more robust.  It functions the same as the old, but I have much higher confidence that it will remain in place and won't fall to pieces when I need it most.  

A big thanks to 3D World for their large improvement to this small part.

prisms.jpg (37280 bytes)The prism has been greatly improved (imho) in the 2007 camera.  The 45 degree prism provides a superior eye-angle to the focusing screen and the diopter adjustment is a welcome addition.  The new prism is 8mm taller and 70 grams heavier than the original.

I am not the only TL120 owner whose prism has fallen from their camera.  I'm happy to say that the retention clip on the 45 degree prism is much improved over the original.

In the provided photo, you can see the electrical contacts (now gone), and the new hole where the fiber-optic bundle lines up with the body-mounted sensor.  The smaller 3D World logo is also the window which illuminates the spirit level.

bottom-2007.jpg (32232 bytes)bottom-2006.jpg (26601 bytes)A plate has been added to the tripod mounting area and small rings have are now present around the spool retention pins.  Your guess is probably better than as to what purpose these serve.


IMG_4509.JPG (46164 bytes)The lens board is retained by five screws rather than four.  The new screw is centered at the bottom of the lens board.  

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