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Under The Covers

Another TL120-1 owner received his camera with mismatched apertures in the taking lenses.  To correct the problem, he took a screwdriver to his camera.  Fortunately for us he photographed what he found.

The three lenses of the TL120 are attached to a single lens board.  The lens board is attached to the camera body with four screws which are easily accessible from the front of the camera.  Two of these screws are indicated on the image to the left.  If you can find these, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the other two. 

With the four screws removed, the lens board should easily lift off the front of the camera.  By examining the back of the lens board, you will se that each lens is attached with three screws.  

The owner of this camera was able to remove one taking lens, rotate its aperture ring to match the other and reinstall it on the board.  Seeing how the TL120 is put together makes it look like installing different lenses, while not trivial, is certainly possible. 

Image courtesy of Dale Yingst (147989 bytes) Image courtesy of Dale Yingst (214552 bytes)
Image courtesy of Dale Yingst (167150 bytes) Above:  The connection of aperture setting to the meter is visible below the viewfinder lens.

Left:  With the lens board off the camera, the image apertures, shutter, viewfinder and other bits are readily  visible for examination.

In January, 2007,  another TL120-1 owner took a screwdriver to their camera.  This owner didn't stop with the lens board but kept going until the entire skin was removed.  I can't recommend this process but if you have to get inside your TL120, these images should be of value to you.  Many thanks to Gary Cullen for his steady hands and willingness to photograph his camera.
IMG_0741.jpg (101969 bytes) IMG_0753.jpg (88390 bytes) IMG_0737.jpg (123553 bytes)
IMG_0759.jpg (71412 bytes) IMG_0763.jpg (83793 bytes)


IMG_0740.jpg (92189 bytes)

IMG_0738.jpg (64330 bytes)
IMG_0757.jpg (79453 bytes) IMG_0756.jpg (100187 bytes) IMG_0743.jpg (87139 bytes)

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