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Java Stereo Viewer

Many of these pages use a Java Stereoscope applet by
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. It made a Java convert out of me and I highly recommend it.

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Behind The Back

When you open the back of the camera, there are, of course, two film gates staring at you.  The gates were actually designed about 1mm too wide.  The result is overlapping images on the film which reduces the area available to you for cropping and window adjustment in final mounting.  Masking a bit from each side of the film gates would correct this problem.  I'm still thinking of how to accomplish this.

You may also notice that the right film gate is not square, but has a small notch in its lower edge.  On the film, this equates to an extra bit of image extending between the sprocket holes above the rest of the image.  In the sample provided, the extended image portion is plainly visible and proves this is film chip from the right side of the camera.  The film chip from the left side will have no such extension.
Many stereo cameras provide this kind of witness mark, and each camera type leaves its own marks.  The marks can be used to identify left and right film chips as well as indicate which type of camera was used to create the pair.  The Stereo Club of Southern California has many publications and one of them includes a comprehensive chart of stereo camera witness marks.  If you want to know what kind of camera made a particular image, the witness marks are an important clue.

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