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Java Stereo Viewer

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. It made a Java convert out of me and I highly recommend it.

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Image Artifacts

Another unique feature of the Vivid is its tendency to leave light comet tails on some images.  This isn't a particularly desirable feature, but it is there.  These comet tails appear:

  • In the lower portion of the left frame
  • When shooting in bright light

The sample image is the left side of a pair taken in bright sun.  When seen in a viewer, the comet is visible in the foreground tree (clicking on the linked image will present a 640x480 image of the pertinent area). The right side of the pair never exhibits this artifact.


LeftClosed.JPG (37519 bytes)So, what is different between the left and right sides of the camera that is causing this annoying celestial show?   A quick look behind the lens shows the difference. In the top of the left film chamber is a small protrusion.  I suspect that it exists because there is some piece of the rangefinder mechanism directly above it that didn't quite fit into the available space.  When the light is bright, it reflects off of this protrusion and onto the film.  

LeftComet.JPG (39546 bytes)When I open the shutter and shine a flashlight in from the front, here is the result.  I've heard from one source that grinding some off of this protrusion and repainting was a cure.  My thought is that I should start by covering the surface of it closest to the lens with some black flocked paper and see how big a difference that makes.  That approach does not prevent me from later attacking it with a grinder and it might just do the trick without damaging anything.

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