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I have included file sizes in the image links.  Please take a moment to check these sizes before you begin downloading images for viewing.  Several of the JPS files are very large and will be painful to download over a modem link.

The images are presented in cross-eye and anaglyph format.  If you prefer a different format or size, please give the Stereoscope applet a try.

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Java Stereo Viewer

Many of these pages use a Java Stereoscope applet by
Andreas Petersik
. It made a Java convert out of me and I highly recommend it.

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View and Range Finders


While both the Vivid and the Realist have a rangefinder coupled to the focusing mechanism, the Vivid does it quite differently than the Realist.  The difference is that the Vivid incorporates the rangefinder into the viewfinder rather than making it a separate device as was done on the Realist.  It is a feature with debated merits.  I enjoy having everything in one place, while the die-hard Realist fans appreciate their wider rangefinder base and center mounted viewfinder.

RangeViewFinder.JPG (89309 bytes)

The Vivid also incorporates a spirit (bubble) level into the range/viewfinder.  The utility of this level is widely debated, but again, I enjoy having it there as a ready reference when composing images without a distinct horizon line..   

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