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Top Mounted Camera Controls

When it comes to camera controls, the Vivid again departs from the Realist.  On the Vivid, the frame counter, and controls for shutter, aperture and focus are all placed on the top surface of the camera and all fully legible from the operator's normal position.  The three controls are coupled into an analog computer that immediately gives depth of field information as well as advice concerning correct exposure.  This analog computer is known as the Expo Sure display and is, in my humble opinion, just the cat's meow.  

The depth of field indicator is seldom mentioned but is another tremendous feature.  On the focus knob, there are numbers indicating distance in feet.  Under this knob is a simple dot to indicate focus distance.  There are also two movable red markers that indicate the nearest and farthest distances that will be in focus.  These red markers are coupled to the aperture control so that as you decrease the aperture diameter (move toward higher f stop values) the distance between them increases.  It is oh- so convenient to be be able to focus the camera and immediately see, for any aperture setting, what distances will be in focus.

Here is another view of the focus wheel.  The red dot on the camera body indicates the distance (in feet) at which the camera is focused.  The red line on the wheel represents a focus distance of infinity.  The red triangles indicate the nearest and farthest points that will be in focus for the f-stop indicated on the aperture control dial.  This image, therefore, shows that we are focused at about 12 feet and that objects between 6 feet and infinity will be in focus.

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