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Failure to Advance?

I had to reach for my light-proof changing bag one day.  My TL120 had a roll of film in it and working the advance lever would not advance the film.  I could hear things inside turning but the film wasn't moving.  

Putting the camera in the change bag and opening the back revealed that the take-up spool had slid down a couple of millimeters and come disengaged from the keyed shaft which turned it.  I removed the film from the camera, finished winding the exposed film and backing paper onto the spool and sent it for processing.  The images came out fine but I went looking for a way to keep this from happening in the future.  

It turned out to involve the use of a tiny styrene shim.  After loading the film into the camera, I drop the C shaped shim under take-up spool and close the back of the camera.  With that shim in place, the spool can not come disengaged from the keyed shaft.  There simply isn't room for it to move.

When it's time to remove the film from the camera, I tip the camera onto its back and the shim slips out into my hand.  I remove the take-up spool, move the empty spool over and drop the shim back into place.  

Newer versions of the TL120-1 do not suffer from this problem.  In the camera I received in December of 2007, 3D World has incorporated a longer advance shaft which prevents the spool from coming disengaged. This modification is not necessary in the newer cameras.

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