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Locking the Shutter

Version 1 Version 2

I think the feature I miss most on the TL120 is a shutter locking mechanism.  The shutter is cocked only during the first stroke of the film advance lever which leaves you two options:

lockedshutter.jpg (38117 bytes)
  1. Carry the TL120 un-cocked.  The shutter can't accidentally fire and waste an image, but you must advance the film before you are ready to shoot.  It guarantees no wasted images but also means the camera is never-ready. 
  2. Carry the TL120 advanced and cocked.  You will always be ready for your next shot but you run the risk of tripping the shutter as you put the camera in your pack.  This wastes an image and means the camera you thought was advanced and ready to shoot now needs to be advanced and cocked again.

I prefer option 2 but was too frequently tripping the shutter by accident.  For $11, I cured the problem without having to open the camera.  

Rev 1.0


A Nikon AR-9 "Soft Shutter Release"
($6.95 at B&H plus $3.70 postage)
A Mexican 50  piece


Remove the plastic bit from the AR-9 and grind or file the chrome off the top surface.  

Use a dremel tool to grind a small relief in the back of the 50  piece 

Solder the AR-9 into the recess in the 50  piece


Screw your new shutter lock into the cable-release socket of your TL120.  If you ground a deep enough recess in the back of the 50  piece, the rim of the coin will strike the rim of the shutter button before the shutter can fire.  I didn't get mine exactly right so had to shim the bottom with a ring of black flocking paper.

shutterlockfront.JPG (37247 bytes) shutterlockback.JPG (35226 bytes)

I can free the shutter and return the camera to its original condition by unscrewing the shutter lock and putting it in my pocket.  The irregular edge on the 50  piece means it is also easy  to back the lock out one turn with my finger tip.  This creates sufficient button travel to fire the shutter and its equally easy to spin the lock back into place.  

Rev 2.0

Of course, three months after creating my 50 shutter lock, I took it off the camera and didn't put it my pocket.  I think I set it upside-down on a black table top and forgot to pick it up again.  I wanted to build a IMG_9232.JPG (35164 bytes)replacement but B&H was out of stock on the AR-9 so I went looking for an alternative.  What I found was a shutter release button called a Softie.  They are made in Vancouver, B.C. and are 15mm in diameter. 

When my Softie arrived and I got it installed on my camera, I knew I wanted to use it not only as a shutter lock but as a shutter release button. So I reached again for my sheet of Foamie and scissors to see if I could make the Softie fill a dual purpose. 

One little bit of foam is all it takes to turn the Softie into a shutter lock.  It is utterly dead-simple.  When I want the shutter locked, I slip the neoprene "washer" under the Softie.  When I want to shoot, I pull it off the camera with my fingers or teeth and use that great feeling button to trip the shutter.  With the cost of a Foamie sheet at $1.10, I can make these all day and in any shape I like.  I can even afford to stick a dozen in my pack in case I drop one or leave it on a table.  Next

IMG_9242.JPG (40644 bytes) IMG_9230.JPG (27766 bytes)

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