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Viewer Mock Up

Dummy illuminator taped to a slide mount When checking to see if my viewer concept was viable, my first trip was to my scrap box for a small section of plywood.  I was looking for something 10mm thick, but had to settle for 12mm.  From that scrap, I cut a 70x135mm section and discovered that it almost fit inside the diffuser.  After carving a little notch to match the thumb groove, it was a perfect fit.

While I was trying to figure out how to hold this section of plywood inside the viewer, my eyes wandered across those worthless plastic mounts.  While they are a poor choice for mounting film, they do happen to perfectly fit inside the rails provided on the back of the viewer.  I quickly taped my block of wood to half of a mount and slid it onto the viewer.

It was a perfect fit with but one problem.  I was unable to cram my cardboard mounted slides into channel at the same time.  I slid it apart and again examined the plastic mount.  I discovered what I already knew.  Each half of the mount has protrusions which fit into matching indentations and are supposed to hold the halves together.  These protrusions are about 1mm in height.  When they are removed, there is space in the 4mm viewer channel to accommodate my 80x132mm cardboard mounts behind the 80x140mm plastic mount.  

Stock slide mount with protrusions Stock viewer with dummy illuminator


Stock viewer with diffuser back in place So here it is.  You can't see it in the thumb-nail view, but inside that diffuser is a section of 12mm plywood.  With the dummy installed, I can easily insert and remove slides.  As a bonus, the balance of the viewer is even better than the original.

I could see that it had potential enough to risk the destruction of a $40 light panel in the production of the real thing.    Next

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