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Carrying Cardboard

I Nothing holds the illuminator inmount my medium format images in 80x132mm cardboard mounts available from Rocky Mountain Memories.  The manufacturer of the original viewer expected it to be used with their 80x140mm plastic mounts.  The cardboard mounts are smaller in all dimensions and will easily slip out of the viewer channel in the stock viewer.  Some have addressed this problem by installing new, thinner slide guides in their viewer.  In addition to correctly holding my smaller slides, I also needed a way to keep my new light source from blocking the slide slot in the viewer.

The 80x140mm plastic mounts are 3mm thick and made from two identical 1.5mm thick halves.   Since the viewer slot is 4mm wide,  I decided to add a section of a 2mm Foamies sheet to one half of a plastic mount and solve both of my problems at once.


  • 1    worthless 80x140mm plastic mount
  • 1    80x132mm cardboard mount
  • 1    2mm black Foamies sheet
  • 1    X-acto knife
  • 1    glue (I used Shoe-Goo)
Outline the cardboard mount Use your cardboard mount as a pattern to cut a section from your Foamies sheet.  You should end up with a slightly U-shaped piece of foam. U-shaped foam ready to fit
Stock plastic mount Split open your plastic mount and trim the protrusions from one half of it.  Use your cardboard mount to correctly center the foam so that the bottom and top edges of your views will be visible. Positioning foam on stock mount
Foam glued to stock mount Glue your foam into place.  When the glue is dry you can trim off any excess and your carrier is ready to snugly center your cardboard mounted slide in the viewer. Slide carrier in the viewer

The new carrier fits correctly in the viewer.  It keeps cardboard mounted slides correctly placed.  It also prevents the newly installed illuminator from sliding forward and interfering with the use of slides in the finished viewer.    Next

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