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Fixing a Boo-boo

ThatScratched :( thin diffuser sheet turned out to be much more than I expected.  When I accidentally touched it with the tip of a Sharpie (permanent felt-tip marker), I thought to myself, "no big deal.  I'll clean it off in the morning with a Q-tip and alcohol."  I've done this many times before on other plastics and had high confidence in success.  The alcohol certainly removed the marker, and the alcohol didn't attack the plastic, but the coarse fibers of the Q-tip scratched the surface of the plastic.  They showed through my slides and were close enough to the film plane to be in focus.  Without a replacement diffuser sheet, I was sunk.

I reached in my drawer of paper and pulled out a piece of onion-skin.  It made the light diffuse, but it also had pronounced grain and fiber patterns that were very obvious through the viewer.  I then returned to study the original diffuser more closely and appreciated that it was the most featureless, smoothest bit of plastic I had ever witnessed.  It was time for a trip to the store to see if I could find a suitable replacement.

I devoted a large part of a Sunday afternoon to my quest.  At our quilting and fabric store, I finally found a large piece of translucent plastic designed to making durable patterns and stencils.  It is thicker than the original diffuser sheet (so costs me about .5 stop in output) but it is suitably featureless to work so near the film plane.  The plastic cost me only $2, but the time, stress and gasoline expended in the search came to many times that.

With the diffuser back in working order, I assembled my illuninator and fit it into the viewer for a smoke-test.Successful smoke test

I made a light sandwich, placed the fluorescent tube in its place and hung the rest of the electronics outside the case.  When I applied power to the inverter, the light came to life and I was able to slip in a slide and check it out.  The slide looked great and the glow of light through the white viewer panel give the viewer a slight Star-Trekian look.    Next

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