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Java Stereo Viewer

Many of these pages use a Java Stereoscope applet by
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. It made a Java convert out of me and I highly recommend it.

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Tools for the Job

To the left there is:
  • Mounting jig - real time viewing of the slide being mounted
  • Rubber shelf liner - keeps the jig from sliding on the desk and the light tablet from sliding on the jig
  • Light tablet - provides a cool, thin light source under the lenses of the jig
  • Mount holder - clear acrylic sheet with corner pockets to hold the open mount under the lenses
  • Alignment guide (not visible)- printed transparency stock that helps me locate the stereo window and correctly place my image subjects 


To the right there is:
  • Scissors - to cut film stock and adhesive tape
  • Tweezers - to handle the film stock and adhesive tape
  • Wess tabs - to temporarily fix items in place
  • 4x eye loupe - used to check for blemishes or alignment problems
  • Clear acrylic - placed over the film chips to reduce movement and curl

Not pictured is a roll of 1/4" gold tape from Rocky  Mountain Memories.

Preparing the Tools

AUT25903.JPG (97000 bytes)Periodically, I check to ensure that my alignment guide is correctly placed on my mount holder.  

With the alignment guide on the mount holder, I place slide mount in the holder.  In this example, I've used a panoramic mount (the bottom edge of its apertures lined up best with the pattern on the guide).  While holding the mount firmly in the holder, I adjust the guide until it is horizontal with respect to the mount apertures.  When I have it aligned to my satisfaction, a strip of tape holds it still.  Next

AUT25907.JPG (81768 bytes)

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