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Java Stereo Viewer

Many of these pages use a Java Stereoscope applet by
Andreas Petersik
. It made a Java convert out of me and I highly recommend it.

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The A200 Story

When A100 and A200. Image by Canon USAI built my A100 twin, my intention was to prove the concept, sell the twin A100 and use the proceeds to buy the materials to build a twin A200 rig.  
Then I left my twin A100 in the trunk of a rental car and I never saw it again.  Was it lost or was it stolen?  It doesn't really matter.  I was out a camera and the capital to finance my A200 project.

But I couldn't stand to be without a camera so I went shopping.  From my local store, I was able to buy a pair of A200 cameras and two 32MB flash cards for less than $350.  I was off and running again.

I had the benefit of my A100 experience and there were a couple of things I wanted to do differently.  I wanted to try the project without strapping the power supplies together, and I had to find a better way to perform the final alignment steps.

The rest of the A200 story will make much more sense to you if you take a moment to read through the notes I made concerning the A100.  It will only take you ten minutes, and the rest of this will make much more sense.

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