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A200 Design 

When building the A100 twin, I went to a lot of work to connect the two camera's power supplies in parallel.  I decided to do this since I didn't know how the shutter trigger circuits worked.  Without knowing the circuit design, I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't inadvertently create a current loop though the shutter circuit.  When thinking over the A200, I decided to skip that step.  I had no more information than I had four weeks earlier, I was just in a bigger hurry and decided to take the risk.

As I had predicted, the A200 was identical to the A100.  Disassembly went like clockwork.  Don't forget to discharge that flash capacitor!

Again, wiring went quickly.  I had decided to skip the step of cabling the power supplies, which meant running only two 2-conductor cables between the cameras.  I used some more of that great headphone wire.

Spacer Bar
I bought a new drill bit to speed the work on the aluminum spacer bar.  By using a 1/2" bit and a decent sized power drill, I was able to finish the perforation in just a couple of hours (half the time required with the 3/8" bit).  A drill press or a milling machine would reduce that time even more.

Smoke Test
The moment of truth came.  With fire extinguisher at the ready, I powered the cameras up and pressed the shutter button.    It worked right out of the chute.  All that was left was gluing and aligning.

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