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I’ve been publishing on the web since about 1997. In Depth is the latest incarnation of the pages created to store and present my notes and tidbits concerning my photographic projects. These projects most frequently relate to stereo photography but may stray in to panoramic or even plain ol’ flat images.


I’ve lived in Juneau, Alaska since 1991.  It’s wet here, but it’s hard to beat the community and the surroundings. Even though Juneau isn’t on an island, we don’t have any roads connecting us with the rest of the world. Getting in or out of town requires travel by air or water. A side effect of this is that product selections are smaller than elsewhere in the United States and the cost of transporting those products to us is higher.


These pages are presented, unless otherwise credited, by John Thurston. I have no formal training in photography or art. I do have an undergraduate degree in computer science and a day-job as a computer system administrator with the State of Alaska.


I do my photography because I enjoy it not because it pays. Projects are presented here because I find them fun or interesting.