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• Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Taping it down

Many years ago, I published a process for mounting film chips in slide mounts. It involved a lot of fiddling with temporary bits of tape, and scraps of plastic to protect the film from fingerprints. I’ve replaced all of that by using a long, thin piece of clear plastic to help me manipulate the film.

Read on for details and photos.

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• Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Mounting your slides for viewing can be time consuming. When I’m working through a roll of uncut film, I’ll preview the images by cross-eye viewing. The detail isn’t great, but this can give me an idea of which images are worth investing the time required for a precision mount.

Sometimes, however, I want to see the image in a viewer before making my decision. In these cases, I follow a tip from Paul Talbot. I reach for one of my protective sleeves, slip my cut & reversed film chips in, and drop it into my viewer. The images aren’t precisely aligned, but they are often close enough. This technique also lets me try different mount apertures by holding them in front of the image.


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• Saturday, February 28th, 2009
50x50 and 50x40 mounts

50x50 and 50x40 mounts

What good is an image if you can’t view it?

How can you view your image if you can’t mount it?

There are several mounts from which to choose.  How are they simmilar and how do they differ?

I’ve gathered some information on the multiple mounts available for medium format stereo slides.

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