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Thanks to the metal construction and lots of screws, pulling the skin off of an A5 is a fairly simple task.  Remove the battery, flash card, and screws.  Remove the front skin.  Unclip the control panel connector and remove the rear skin.  Sounds simple, doesn't it?


  • Only three screws here


  • Four plastic threaded screws (one hidden below the hand strap knob)


  • Two metal threaded screws

There are only nine screws holding the skin on.  Of these, there are only two types.  The two screws on the left side, and the three on the bottom are cut to thread into metal.  The four on the right side are more aggressively pitched, and designed to thread into plastic.  Keep them straight now so that you will be able to get them back in the right place later.
Ready to pull the back When you get the front skin off, you will be able to see the control panel connector.  Until you gently lift its retaining clip, you won't be able to remove the rear skin. The shot to the right shows the camera with the front skin off and the one to the left shows the retaining clip lifted.  The little blue wires sticking out of the front are my additions.  A factory fresh unit will not have them.
The controls will come off with the rear skin.
Don't forget to disconnect the cable
When you get the skin off, all of the inner layers are revealed. There are a lot of them!  Stay away from the giant capacitor that feeds the flash!  For extra points, see if you can locate the circuit board with "IBM ROM DOS" printed on it.

Bottom and Back

Metal tripod socket (this ain't no Nikon)
  • Tripod socket

  • CF door interlock

  • Sanyo LCD

  • Three metal screw sockets


FCC Class B
  • Shielding

  • Lens cover

Left Side

When we talk about capacitors, size DOES matter
  • Video jack

  • Serial port

  • Two metal screw sockets

Now that the skin is off, we need to extend the switch.

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