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Java Stereo Viewer

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Building the Jig

My design goals were pretty simple:
  • Illumination from a 4"x5" fluorescent panel
  • Minimal construction cost
  • Small overall size
  • Adjustable focus
The parts list was also small:
  • AUT25945a.JPG (15507 bytes)Lenses: 2 wide-angle door viewers
  • Base: 8"x9" piece of 5/16" A/C plywood
  • Lens board: 6"x6" piece of 1/8" masonite
  • Lens stand: 4" square U-bolt with hex and wing nuts 
  • Lens bracket retentions: 2 each T-nut,  fender-washer, thumb-screws with spacer-nut

I may, someday, write a more detailed description of the assembly process.  Until I do, here are a few images and explanatory notes.

From the side (82350 bytes)

From the front (82653 bytes)

The base is designed to receive a 4"x5" light tablet.  A small piece of very thin anti-slip drawer liner under the tablet keeps it in place on the base.  My original design had called for routing a slight recess to receive the tablet.  This has not yet proved be required.

Clipped to top of this tablet, you can see my plastic mount-holder.  Taped to the mount holder is a copy of Mike Kersenbrock's excellent alignment gauge.  Whether the use of this alignment gauge is desirable on a jig such as this will be left is as matter of opinion.  


Underside of lens board (56982 bytes)

The lens board is suspended on a 4" square U-bolt.  The nuts above and below the board allow me to adjust the height of the board with respect to the base.  It also permits left-right leveling of the board.

The underside of lens holders and board have been painted with Krylon ultra-flat-black spray paint.  

Lens stand retention (47101 bytes)

The 4" square U-bolt is set into a small groove in the base and attached with two thumb-screws. Two T-nuts are countersunk  in the underside of the base-plate to receive the thumb-screws.  


Lens tipped back with slide mount in place (55156 bytes)

To allow easy access to the slide mount, the lens stand must be able to tip back.  The thumb-screw/fender-washer combination allows me to adjust the stiffness of this motion and disassemble the jig for transport.


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